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Father Claude

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HOLY WEEK HUMOR (Category: Uganda)

Papa Francisco breaking the
I opened today's Daily Monitor (Kampala daily newspaper) and there, in full color at 4 columns to the one is color photo of Papa Francisco, leading a Holy Thursday Mass procession in a Roman jail, with a smile on his face. Sweet Mary, Joseph and Jesus, what is happening? Is the traditional papacy disintegrating? A celebrant at one of the holiest Masses of the year -- Smiling? Are we witnessing a meltdown of the traditional papacy? I do pray so.

Last night, one of my Holy Cross stand-up comic-colleagues told me this Ugandan joke. I offer it to you so that it may put a smile on your face.

A leader (a Kabaka) from one of Uganda's small, rural tribes in Western Uganda, on the border with Congo, wants to educate one of his adult villagers into the English language. He knows that the village youngsters have learned English, use all kinds of cell phones, speak English effortlessly, etc and he wants adult villagers to enter into the modern world.

Standing there, in the center of the town square, he tells Mr X to repeat after him as he points to different objects. First, the chief point to a dog urinating. He says: "dog urinating". Mr X repeats "dog urinating". Chief points to a bus stopping and says: "bus stopping" Mr. X repeats "bus stopping". Next, he points to a flying stork and says: " flying stork". Mr. X repeats "flying stork". Suddenly, in an obscure corner of the town square he spots a villager having an all-too-intense-sexual-encounter with a woman, and says: "man riding bicycle". The villager pulls out a slender bamboo tube from his back pocket, deftly inserts a small, poisonous dart, and lets fly the dart into that villager's exposed back side. The villager drops dead forthwith.
The chief is shocked, and asks: "Why did you do THAT"?
Mr X responds: " Man riding MY bicycle".

Happy Easter Week.

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